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Core Curriculum

2017 Curriculum

The Certificate In Ministerial Studies (CIMS) is a curriculum through the School of Ministry of 20 courses, offering 35 CIMS credits, to prepare ministers and laity for relevant ministry. The CIMS curriculum is comprised of 490, 30-minute video lessons presented by outstanding leaders and teachers in the Church of God. Textbooks and study guides assist the student to learn and apply the video lessons. These courses are in three areas of study—Biblical, doctrinal, and pastoral studies. A certificate is awarded at the completion of each section and at the completion of the entire CIMS curriculum.

Doctrinal Studies

Faith Foundation for Life and Ministry in the 21st Century

Knowing the Holy Spirit

Living the Faith

Walking in the Truth

Biblical Studies

A Journey Through the Old Testament

A Journey Through the New Testament

Rightly Dividing the Word

Introducing the Great Themes of Scriptures


Pastoral Studies

Leading With Integrity  

Equipping People for Ministry 

Ministering Through Music 

Helping People in Crisis 

Communicating Effectively 

Caring for People in Need: 21st Century Benevolence

Knowing Your Church

Understanding Yourself and Others

Learning the Practices of Ministry

Planting and Growing Churches

Ministering to Culturally  Diverse Population

Preaching the Word Today 

Two credit options for study:

CIMS credit:  To receive credit for course work, students must enroll, register for each course, pay for tuition (unless a grant is awarded), and pass the exams with a score of 70. At the option of Church of God institutions of higher education, CIMS credit may be converted to credit by that institution when the student meets the entrance requirements, is accepted, and enrolls.

Non-CIMS credit:  Students may complete any portion of studies for personal enrichment by purchasing DVDs, study guides, and textbooks. Courses may be used by pastors for Bible classes, leadership training, or sermon preparation. Proficiency exams are available if CIMS credit is later desired.

-Coming in 2018-

Program #2 is foundation in nature and required for all students. It is designed to give each student a solid foundation for their own personal life and Christian walk. Program #1 addresses the four areas where Satan tries to keep a believer from being successful in life; faith, health, provision, and character. Program #1 also includes courses on the ministry of Jesus and a survey of the New Testament. They include:


Life & Teaching of Christ I

Life & Teaching of Christ II

New Testament Survey

Authority of the Believer

Ministry Practicum - Freshman


Principles of Faith

Biblical Finances

Divine Healing

Christ-Like Character

Ministry of Helps



Diploma in Theology

Associate in Theology

Advanced Diploma in Theology

Bachelor of Theology

Bachelor of Pastoral Ministry

Bachelor of Christian Education

Biblical Studies * 

Church Administration *

Hours to Complete a Degree

Diploma = 30 credit-hours total

Associates Degree = 60 credit-hours total

Advanced Diploma = 90 credit-hours total

 Bachelors Degree = 120 credit-hours total

 Masters Degree = 36 credit hours above the Bachelors Degree program for ac credit

Doctoral Degree = 45 credit hours above the Master’s Degree program for ac credit