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If you have any questions about New Beginnings  Church of God, want to visit us or would like more information on how to get more involved, please do not hesitate to contact us - we would love to hear from you!


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 Sunday School

At NB-COG, Sunday School provides ample opportunities for people of all ages to learn and grow in their knowledge of God's word. Classes are led by dedicated teachers are offered for children of all ages ranging from toddlers through teenage years and on into adulthood. 

Men's Ministry

We want to support and encourage you in your journey as a follower of Jesus Christ and understand the value of men getting together with other men in fellowship around God's Word, in service to others and in prayer.


Senior Adults 

To encourage those in our Fellowship who are 50 and over to participate in activities that foster spiritual growth and health, age-level educational pursuits, evangelistic outreach, and wholesome fellowship events. To promote strong focal points of need so that people may be involved in an area that interests them.

Student Ministries 

We believe that God is an exciting, life changing and transforming God, who loves to make a difference in the world through young people. We want to see each young person build friendships, encounter the love of God, be encouraged, changed and equipped to impact their world by God’s power.


Praise Team 

 The Praise Team members are both professionals and skilled amateurs, and they all share a desire for excellence in worship, and an eagerness to serve and enable the song of the congregation. The ultimate end of the praise team is not to be heard, but to inspire singing in the pews. 


Youth Praise Team

NB-COG Youth Band,  includes middle and high schoolers who love to play instruments and sing.  They have delighted and lead us into the presence of the Lord! 

Wednesday Night Discipleship  

Our Mid-week Service is geared toward all ages. Join us for a time of worship and preaching to draw closer to the one true Savior. We proclaim God's truth, submitting ourselves to it, seeking to be transformed through Christ

Women's Ministry 

Women of all ages bonded together through their love of Christ, empowered with a cause to revolutionize their world! Our Women's Ministry is women solidified in true friendships, committed to walking through life together, loving and strengthening each other as we act as ONE!

Young Adults  

Can you imagine every student in Dayton hearing the Gospel proclaimed and seeing it lived out? It would transform the face of our city, not to mention the whole spirit and mind of their universities. Students of today would become leaders in every country and every industry, drawing others to Christ.

Children's Ministry  

Teaching and raising our children is paramount to us, and it is something we will never take lightly. We passionately believe that children need more than lessons that teach the Bible as “stories” or a set of behavioral rules for Christians. Who they are in Christ matters right now, not later. They’re not only the Church of the future; they are the Church of today!


 The choir sings chiefly for the glory of God, and so that worshipers will experience the power and beauty of God through music. Choirs have been leaders in corporate worship since the days of King David, and the Church has a rich choral tradition; we seek to uphold this inheritance through our repertoire and through our commitment to excellence. We focus on the work of offering music as a sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving, but we are also a community that delights in fellowship and mutual encouragement.


Prayer Meeting  

Matthew 21:13(KJV) 13 And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer...